People complaining about not being accepted immediately. (Especially when the opening date has been announced.) 

You applied when you did, don’t be mad if you have to wait a little bit.

This is something that really annoys me. Yes, I can understand being upset if you are given no updates on when you will be accepted, but if an opening date/date to be accepted is announced, back the hell off and let the admins do their job. They have a reason for accepting when they do, and it’s annoying and rude to send message asking when you’ll be accepted, or if they’re going to accept sooner. 

Especially if the character is in high demand, a lot of admins wait to accept a character to see how different players portray them. Being rude anonymously to the admins wont get you anywhere, except maybe with the opening date being move back more. Just don’t do it. If you’re so desperate for a character, you should be willing to wait a little for it.

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